October 2017

October has been a busy month for GIN and there have been a number of updates:

First, long-awaited features have been finalized and added to the gin command line client. Foremost of these is that an automated criterion for files to be git-annexed has been introduced, dependent on their size (the default threshold is at 10MB), smaller files are added to git directly. This enhances diffing, patching, direct downloads etc. Also, a lot of smaller things have been added. As always the newest version can be found here

GIN-Web has been updated with small help messages. Also, we have changed the name of the DOI request file to datacite.yml to increase transparency. We took this opportunity to redesign the DOI UI a bit. For modern browsers code highlighting has been moved to web workers and finally, a lot of tutorial text and imagery has been added.

This brings us to the next point. Kateryna has joined the GIN team and will be working on Tutorials, user instructions, community building, and UI improvements. Welcome to the team!

Finally, we are excited to announce that G-Node is now listed as a recommended data store on the Scientific Data repositories list and on Springer Nature. We hope this will further our mission - to bring easier data sharing and reproducibility to scientist from neuroscience, and the general scientific community!

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